Laudato Si' - Four fims

Laudato Si’ The Encyclical

This video presents the views of nine prominent Canadians among whom are David Suzuki, Maude Barlow, Silver Don Cameron and Gregor Robertson as they reflect on the Encyclical. 23 excerpts from Laudato Si' help the viewer read the actual words of the 192 page document.  Produced in 2015


Laudato Si’ + 5 - See, Judge, Act

 This film revisits the 2015 Papal Encyclical Laudato Si' with an update on the global climate crisis as well as an exploration of the impact of the loss of biodiversity and the emergence of Covid - 19. Following the three step: Seeing, Judging, Acting methodology from Catholic Social Teaching, the film explores the issues of Water, Global Warming and Loss of Biodiversity with Fr. Joshtrom Kureethadam, a cosmologist in Rome, Leonardo Boff, well known Liberation Theologian in Brazil and Canadian activists like Maude Barlow and Catherine Abreu. The film is designed as an educational primer for parishes, high school and university programs concerned with the Global Climate Crisis. Produced in 2020


Laudato Si’ + 7 - The Greening of Faith Communities in Canada

This film, the 3rd in a series on Laudato Si’,   explores the Greening of Faith Communities in Canada in response to the global climate crisis that has been so effectively presented by Pope Francis in the 2015 Papal Encyclical Laudato Si’ – On Care for our Common Home”.

Initially, concern for global warming  in the late 1980’s  recognized the impact of greenhouse gases caused by the burning of fossil fuels. In response to this crisis, some faith communities in Canada have begun to assume environmental leadership.  Some began as early as 2006, by divesting fossil fuel stocks and building and adapting worship spaces and accommodations to reduce their carbon footprints. This film  visits 8 of these multi-faith eco-innovators and views them through the lens of Laudato Si’ in the hope that you, the viewer, inspired by one of these stories, will find ways to mitigate the global climate crisis where you live, where you work or where you worship. 

Produced in 2022


Catholics and Co-ops

Roman Catholicism is a tradition often known for its hierarchies—its popes and bishops, its towering cathedrals, its dogmas and rules. But this same tradition also helped make possible the spread of a bottom-up, democratic kind of economy—the cooperative movement, which enables ordinary people around the world to own and govern the businesses they rely on. This film is the story of how Roman Catholicism opened its doors to a radical economic model, and how people of faith have worked to build a more just and sustainable society.

Produced in 2024

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