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"Catholics and Co-ops"

This film explores the Roman Catholic affinity for the co-operative enterprise as an expression of Catholic Social Teaching.  We examine the impact of three important Encyclicals on five remarkable priests and one Congregation of Women Religious as they established worker co-ops, credit unions and housing co-operatives in Canada and Spain.

From Rerum Novarum in 1891 to Laudato Si’ in 2015, Catholic Social Teaching has influenced Catholic men and women, lay and religious, to establish democratic co-operative enterprises. And the inspiration comes from their faith.  This is their story.



This is a 13 minute video I produced for  The Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign 10th Anniversary Year - 2016. What a pleasure to work with these wonderful and generous women.

Laudato Si’ - A Canadian Response is a very didactic video based on Pope Francis’ Letter “Laudato Si’, ccalling for  responsible management of the Climate and immediate attention to Climate Change. (Over 10,000 viewers so far and counting. (Oct. 2017)

This is a 6 minute video on an historic neighbourhood in Halifax produced for an advocacy group called “The Friends of Schmidtville”. I produced  this film to help the Friends to make the case for conserving and celebrating an historic community that is, in a way, the DNA of Halifax.


This clip is from a video I produced for the North End Community Health Centre, Halifax. It is in Standard Definition.

This is part one of two docs I produced for the North End Community Health Centre in Halifax on the Homeless crisis in Nova Scotia.  Standard definition again.

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